Writing a friend in jail

I thought he'd like to see the hospital photos of the nurse giving junior his first bath but naked photos of 1-hour-old infants are still photos of naked children.

Being able to spend some money on ice cream at commissary every week improved his life in a way I don't know I can actually understand.

10 Ways to Support Friends and Family Members in Prison

The prison system is not a transformative tool for our communities. And prisoners who have connections to the outside tend to do much better.

Check with the facility first before sending newspaper clippings or books, though. In fact, some of those moments of joy are parts of my highly awkward and quirky dating life, which I have gotten quite used to sharing. Your life on the outside has now become a theory to him.

This could include what they have been doing and whether they have any changes that may be relevant to the inmate. Allyship and solidarity are actions, not just theoretical concepts. How to Start a Letter to a Jail Inmate By Julie Boehlke ; Updated September 29, When a friend or family member is in jail, it can be a very difficult and emotional time for both the inmate and those friends and loved ones outside the bars.

How to Start a Letter to a Jail Inmate

I include pictures in every letter, usually just printed onto paper. Sending a stamped envelope is likely not allowed. Encouragement means even more if you, yourself, use the time to enter an educational or therapeutic program to better your own life. Sure, there are people all around you, but it takes a while to learn who is trustworthy.

If you are thinking of them or missing them, the beginning of the letter should address this.

What Do You Say in a Letter to Someone in Jail?

Because there is a lack of direct contact—and often times phone communication—letters can serve as a link between the prisoner and what is going on at home or in the outside world. When you can't go out into the world and see it for yourself and you have no life, ordinary daily life is like a forbidden fruit that you hunger for.

His field of vision was, like him, confined - so I sent pictures just printed on ordinary paper of wide open spaces. You may not even have a clear picture of your physical surroundings; there are hallways you can never see the end of, places you absolutely can't go, uses of time that are dictated by others.

You can ask him how he's going generally, if there's anything you can do for him, what he would like to hear about when you next write, that kind of thing. And then do write to him again whether he writes back or not.

Some of the things to avoid writing in the letter is information about a victim—if there is one involved in their case—discussing illegal matters, discussing other inmates, parolees or felons, and talking about pornographic materials. I was put on the mailing list of a person I didn't know by a person who knew an imprisoned relative of mine, and asked to deliver a message.

You don't want to sound like an awkward outsider. How about them Dodgers? Things about daily life.

How to Start a Letter to a Jail Inmate

Depending on your relationship, this is the place in the letter where you can express your feelings toward the inmate. Maybe he wants you to act like his spiritual advisor, or he has no patience for details, or only wants to hear about sports, or wants you to set up a long-distance chess game.

So, FWIW, tell him about your days.Jean Basinger has been writing to Iowa inmates for 30 years, because she doesn't want them to feel forgotten Prison letters: One woman's 30 years of writing them.

How to Write an Appropriate Letter to Someone in Jail or Prison

she never forgot friends. Nov 18,  · How to Write a Letter to Someone in Jail. In this Article: Article Summary Writing a Letter to Someone in Jail Writing a Letter to Someone in Prison Finding a Pen Pal Community Q&A If someone you know is incarcerated in a jail or prison, you can contact him or her by mail%(37).

May 07,  · Be a friend and mentor. Be a friend to your pen pal and possibly a mentor later on. A good pen pal can help inmates overcome addictions, find family and friends, and be a 81%(46). May 24,  · My best friend is in jail, and he going to be in jail for a very long (10 to 25 years) time.

I'm thinking about writing my first letter to him. My Dear Friend, You cannot imagine how happy I was, and Alex was, to get your letters about life at your facility.

How to Console a Friend in Prison

You seem to be taking it all unbelievably bravely and well. Your tutoring in. The best letters I got in jail were the ones from a really good buddy from my school/high school years.

Write to him about the things that you are doing and write about things that made you guys laugh.

Writing a friend in jail
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