Two ways to write a compound sentence

Our systematic approach, in conjunction with audiovisual interactivity, is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, homeschool, and English language development ELD, ELL, ESL. We can connect these two clauses in different ways. The names of the days of the week and the names of the months are also capitalised, as are the first-person pronoun "I" [6] and the interjection "O" although the latter is uncommon in modern usage, with "oh" being preferred.

The individual players were outstanding; however, they didn't play hard enough to win the conference championship. Your membership fee ensures that we can continue to provide Classic Starfall free of charge and offer low-cost, high-quality, educational resources to classrooms.

Stella speaks English fluently. Capitalisation rules vary by language and are often quite complex, but in most modern languages that have capitalisation, the first word of every sentence is capitalised, as are all proper nouns. Other compound sentences are joined with a semicolon. The Purdue OWL offers global support through online reference materials and services.

He has won several honors.

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Capital letters are used as the first letter of a sentence, a proper noun, or a proper adjective. Stylistic or specialised usage[ edit ] The examples and perspective in this section deal primarily with the English-speaking world and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

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Some examples of conjunctive adverbs are: With a coordinating conjunction. In scripts with a case distinction, lower case is generally used for the majority of text; capitals are used for capitalisation and emphasis.

These two clauses are joined by a marker word like: An example of modeling is provided on the first page of each unit. You could choose different shapes for different words to help cue the student visually. In addition, with old-style numerals still used by some traditional or classical fonts, 6 and 8 make up the ascender set, and 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 the descender set.

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We can combine these three sentences in two ways. The text will sound choppy if too many simple sentences are used, and it will be complicated and hard to read if too many long, complex sentences are used.

Kinds of Sentences Good writers will use different kinds of sentences to make their writing interesting and fluid.

Examples of Compounds

Informal communication, such as textinginstant messaging or a handwritten sticky notemay not bother to follow the conventions concerning capitalisation, but that is because its users usually do not expect it to be formal.

Harry is a baseball player who is known all over the world.Two Years a Catholic. Posted by Jason Stellman on September 23, in Apologetics, Catholicism, Featured, I Fought the Church, Suffering, The PCA, Westminster Seminary California | 1, comments.

On September 23rd, (two years ago today), I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church. Humanly speaking, it was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. COMBINING SENTENCES. We can combine two or more sentences into a single sentence.

We may do this because sentences are closely related in meaning and belong together, and because it is boring to read a series of short sentences that have a similar structure. How to Use a Dash in an English Sentence. In this Article: Dash Usage Hints Using an Em Dash Using an En Dash Keeping Dashes Grammatically Correct Community Q&A When you know how to use a dash correctly, it can be a handy piece of punctuation.

The Subordinate Conjunction

The problem is that sometimes it is difficult to know exactly when to use an em dash (—) or an en dash (–). Three ways of writing a sentence. May 8, - We can express the same idea in several different ways.

Compound Sentence Examples

We can connect these two clauses in different ways. As these sentences show a cause and effect relationship we can use a subordinating conjunction like as, because or since.

John will probably win the championship because he has trained hard. How to Format Dialogue in a Story. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, satire or drama, writing the dialogue may have its challenges.

The parts of a story where characters speak stand out from the other elements of a story. The Verb Recognize a verb when you see one. Verbs are a necessary component of all have two important functions: Some verbs put stalled subjects into motion while other verbs help to clarify the subjects in meaningful ways.

Two ways to write a compound sentence
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