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The thirteen states represented were: Lee's army unit While it wasn't the Confederate states' official Rebel flag, the battle flag was flown by several Confederate Army units. Now we move into an area of deliberate obfuscation: These despicable organizations such as the KKK Rebel flag Aryans have taken a hallowed piece of history, and have plagued good Southern folks and the memories of fine Confederate Soldiers that fought under the flag with their perverse agenda.

The Committee on the Flag and Seal was formed, and given this task. Gray proposed the amendment that gave the flag its white field. Catering to the needs of customers and current political situation, Flagsmart added new military and USA novelty flags recently,State Flags.

Board of Education, which gave black American children access to all schools, the Confederate battle flag popped up more and more. They are willing to help and have great communication. Why would anyone want to be a part of a system that encourages a racist flag to be flown at its events?

Andrew's Cross of stars in the Union Jack with the rest of the civilian banner entirely white. Sears's Gettysburg is a remarkable and dramatic account of the legendary campaign. People are hot buying these new items through flagsmart.

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It is very important to keep in mind that the Confederate Battle Flag was simply just that. While the Southern Battle flag was carried into battle, the Southern Nation had 3 different National flags during the course of the war.

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But given the popular support for a flag similar to the U. At the time, there was still feelings of allegiance to the original US flag, and popular opinion was lining up in support of a flag that was similar to the familiar United States flag.

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The Third National flag was the adopted flag of the Confederacy.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

The flag as displayed today, is typically rectangular in shape, with proportions similar to other national and state flags. Battle Flag for the Army of Northern Virginia The battle flag of the confederacy was typically square.


The online shopping at their website is wonderful. Although they were represented in the Confederate Congress for the duration of its meetings, and had shadow governments made up of deposed former state politicians, neither state was ever fully controlled or administered by the Confederacy.

The width two-thirds of its length, with the union now used as the battle flag to be in Rebel flag three-fifths of the width of the flag, and so proportioned as to leave the length of the field on the side of the union twice the width of the field below it; to have the ground red and a broad blue saltire thereon, bordered with white and emblazoned with mullets or five pointed stars, corresponding in number to that of the Confederate States; the field to be white, except the outer half from the union to be a red bar extending the width of the flag.

It's not even the second, or the third The original Confederate flag's similarity to the Union flag quickly confused soldiers, who often couldn't tell the difference between the two on smoke-filled battlefields. After the Holocaust, there was a movement in America to change the Swastika, once an aboriginal symbol of peace, back into its original meaning.

Confederate Flags

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A Brief History of the Confederate Flags. By David G. Sansing. The six southern states of South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida met February 4,in convention at Montgomery, Alabama, and established the Confederate States of America.

Rebel Supplies is your patriotic source for Confederate flags, lapel pins and other Rebel products. We maintain a complete inventory and are always adding products to help you. Officially, the first confederateRebel flag was the Stars and Bars. This confederate flag flew from March to May of and was loved by the the Civil War, many Southern states left the Union.

Aug 19,  · Watch video · Update: A statement from NASCAR has been added to this story.

These 5 states still use Confederate symbols in their flags

BRISTOL, Tenn. -- The Confederate flag once was as much a part of the NASCAR landscape as the green, yellow and checkered. Confederate. Confederate Flags As the national debate about the confederate flag persists, continues to offer the full line of flags that remain part of America's history.

Recognizing that the .

Rebel flag
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