Is socrates guilty as charged essay

Is Socrates Guilty as Charged?

Euthyphro was convicting his own father of murder. Socrates is looking out for the youth. If this was true, which I believe was, he would not need to be brought into court for a conviction and sentence.

Is Socrates Guilty As Charged?

Socrates is a citizen of Athens, and he loved Athens and its gods. After hearing this statement Meletus changes his story many times saying that Socrates did not believe in any gods at all.

His divine mission, given to him by the gods, was to philosophize, so that is what he did. He had witnesses to prove it. His students and friends are so committed to him that the accusers think he might be building up a small army.

Is Socrates Guilty As Charged? So I believe that private conflict could affected the final result of the trial. He did this to prove the oracle wrong, but he ended up finding that he is the wisest of them all. One may be said to be guilty or not of any said crime, but the true measure of guilt or innocence is only as valid as the court structure to which it is subject to.

He mentioned this in his defense speech expressing fearless and confidence to what will happen after death because he believes that good people will be well treated 38da.

Yet, he also mentions the gods and goddesses. And here I Is socrates guilty as charged essay a contradiction in his accusation. Your soul, according to Socrates, the most valuable thing you possess.

To sentence him to death was a very tragic loss. Socrates is just trying to help Athens. This analogy actually questions what is the meaning of corruption.

Therefore, he highlights that corrupting youth would be pointless because in that way he will create a danger for himself. The true nature of this charge was vengeance carried out on the part of the power-holders of Athenian society - The politicians, poets, manual artisans.Is Socrates Guilty As Charged?: A Brief Comment on the Query - Is Socrates Guilty As Charged?

In any case of law, when one is considering truth and justice, one must first look at the validity of the court and of the entity of authority itself. It was because of Socrates open-mindedness that he was sentenced to death by two charges brought against him. One, Socrates corrupted the youth and two, Socrates believed in 'false gods'.

Yet, was Socrates guilty or not? In the Apology, Socrates examines the charges brought against him by Meletus and tries to prove that they are. Socrates in dealing with moral law was not guilty of the crimes he was accused of by Meletus.

Socrates was only guilty as charged because his peers had concluded him as such. The laws didn't find Socrates guilty; Socrates was guilty because his jurors forced the laws.

The commandment couldn't put in force itself. The new accusers, Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon have accused Socrates of corrupting the youth of Athens. This was a sad attempt by the government to avoid conflict.

The government was scared that the youth would realize that we are not virtuous. The government is not virtuous, but they try to keep it.

Socrates was never charged for physical act against humanity. From my point of view, he would not be sentenced for death if he would have born 30 years earlier. I also believe that Socrates was a scapegoat of the society which needed to find guilty person for past failures. A Brief Comment on the Query: "Is Socrates Guilty As Charged?" In any case of law, when one is considering truth and justice, one must first look at the validity of the court and of the entity of authority itself.

In Socrates case, the situation is no different.

Is socrates guilty as charged essay
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