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With an exception of a few, most of the Muslim-majority princely state joined Pakistan, and most of Hindu-majority princely state joined India. It has caused two wars anda serious border conflict Kargil, and has brought immense suffering and hardship to the people of the state.

The India Pakistan relationship can be compared to the relations of two brothers fighting for property rights and indulging in all possible tantrums. There is a huge potential for the expansion of bilateral trade between India and Pakistan, especially now that the long-standing issue of Pakistan granting Most Favoured Nation status to India seems closer than ever to being resolved.

Pakistan also states that at the very least, the promised plebiscite should be allowed to decide the fate of the Kashmiri people. Artists, players, poets and journalists of one country now love to perform in the other.

Will the relationship between India and Pakistan will ever improve

Jawarharlal Nehru wrote that those parts of India which had been longest under British rule were the poorest: During the past years, different rounds of dialogues were held. These attacks destroyed a significant portion of Pakistan's naval strength, whereas no Indian ship was lost. This act will cause destruction at a mass level.

Indians and Pakistanis living in the Britain are said to have friendly relations with one another. Kashmir was a princely state, ruled by a Sikh, Maharaja Hari Singh. On 13 April following a thaw in relations whereby India gained MFN status in the country, India announced the removal of restrictions on.

This unresolved dispute has also been a major drain on the resources of the two countries and has been a stumbling block to normalising relations between them. There has been a complete stoppage of talks at all levels in between the nations.

Talks and other confidence building measures After the war, Pakistan and India made slow progress towards the normalisation of relations. The agreement for a liberalised visa regime is also a positive development, if implemented in a positive spirit.

As the conflict in Afghanistan winds down, India and Pakistan will need to discuss their respective legitimate interests in that country. Water is cited as one possible cause for a conflict between the two nations, but to date issues such as the Nimoo Bazgo Project have been resolved through diplomacy.

To this, India has also been continuously retaliating thus making the relationship rather bitter. India will need to convince Pakistan that its interest in Afghanistan is not aimed at opening up a new front in the west or promote destabilisation in the two Pakistani provinces bordering Afghanistan.

The ex-rulers and wealthy Indians sought ways to bring an end to this new regime due to the death of many poor people from starvation and poverty.

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The British firms despised shipbuilding industry and its progress and development were restricted by legislation. After the surrender of Pakistani forces, East Pakistan became the independent nation of Bangladesh. On the other hand, Pakistan is ready for a dialogue with India but it wants the inclusion and discussion of the Kashmir issue which it keeps raking up every time.Check out our top Free Essays on India Pakistan Relations to help you write your own Essay.

In Decemberseveral Pakistani newspapers published stories about India's leadership and relationship with militants in Pakistan that the papers claimed were found in the United States diplomatic cables leak.

Relation between India and Pakistan online Essay free Download Any violent conflict between them can now result in massive destruction. It is so because both the countries are now fully equipped to fight any type of battle.

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India and Pakistan need to understand each other’s legitimate interests in Afghanistan and pursue them without coming into conflict with each other.

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Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. This website includes study notes, research papers. The relations between Pakistan and India have been subject to many strains by numerous political dilemmas in history and currently as well, they include the Partition of British India inthe Kashmir dispute and the many military conflicts which have been fought between the two states.

Essay on india and pakistan relation
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