Difference between personnel management

Difference Between HRM and Personnel management

When a difference between the two is recognized, human resources is usually described as being broader in scope. Personnel management duties are solely the domain of the Personnel department. It can be described as reactive, providing a response to demands and concerns as they are presented.

Personnel tasks are reactive, while HR tasks are generally proactive, and continuous. On the other hand, HR is more concerned with the management of a workforce, as this is one of the key resources that drive the day-to-day operations of a company; hence its success.

Conclusion Human Resource Management has come up with an extension over Personnel Management, which eradicated the shortcomings of the Personnel Management. Personnel Management Traditionally the term personnel management was used to refer to the set of activities concerning the workforce which included staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative tasks.

While Personnel management tends to motivate the employees with compensations, rewards and bonuses, Human Resources Management tends to provide motivation through human resources, effective strategies for facing challenges, work groups, and job creativity.

In PM, the negotiations are based on collective bargaining with the union leader. In contrast, the HR management of employees is more diverse, focusing on recruitment and selection into the workplace; ongoing motivation and morale in the workplace; and the maintenance of benefits administration and insurance requirements like EPLI for managers and their employees in the workplace.

For those who recognize a difference between them, the distinction can often be described as philosophical. On the other hand, the prime focus of Human Resources Development is to build a dynamic culture. For those who recognize a difference between them, the distinction can often be described as philosophical.

To learn more about how our tailored services can help your company and address your specific needs, please call Personnel management is regarded to be more administrative in nature. If you like this article or our site. Personnel management primarily focuses on ordinary activities, such as employee hiring, remunerating, training, and harmony.

While Personnel management is considered to be reactive, Human Resources Management is stated to be proactive. Human resource management holds that improved performance leads to employee satisfaction.

Difference Between HR Management and Personnel Management

Personnel management is considered independent from organizational influences, while HR is dependent on input from some employees, like senior management. Personnel Management and HRM:Effective HR management of employees is a modern version of what used to be called personnel management.

Although there are overlaps between HR management of employees and personnel management, there are some differences and definitive improvements that need to be recognized.

The line of difference between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management is subtle. Personnel Management treats workers as tools or machines whereas Human Resource Management treats it as an important asset of the organization.

Significant difference exists between personnel management and human resource management in terms of scope, approach, and application. The Scope of Services Human Resource Management is broader in scope than Personnel Management.

Difference Between HRM and HRD February 22, By Surbhi S 13 Comments Human Resource Management (HRM) is a branch of management; that is concerned with making best possible use of the enterprise’s human resources, by providing better working conditions, to the employees.

Oct 23,  · Some experts assert that there is no difference between human resources and personnel management. They state that the two terms can be used interchangeably, with no difference in meaning. They state that the two terms can be used interchangeably, with no difference in meaning.

HRM vs Personnel management Some say that there are no basic differences between Human Resource Management and Personnel management. These experts say that the two terms - HRM and Personnel management - have no difference in their meaning, and can be used interchangeably.

Well, there are many experts who have come up.

Difference between personnel management
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