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Wimsatt treats with characteristic wit and penetration, ranging easily from a broad consideration of principles to incisive comment on individual writers and works.

The Three Traits of Dante's Poetry She first attracted…… Dandin Dandin, Indian Sanskrit writer of prose romances and expounder on poetics.

These concerns are also evident in his numerous critical studies.

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She was educated by private tutors and governesses at…… Edmund Clarence Stedman Edmund Clarence Stedman, poet, critic, and editor, whose writing was popular in the United States during the late 19th century. Her popular…… Emanuel Swedenborg Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish scientist, Christian mystic, philosopher, and theologian who wrote voluminously in interpreting the Scriptures as the immediate word of God.

It began in two groups: The son of a crofter, Muir received his education in Kirkwall. His fame rests largely on his novels Howards End and A Passage to India and on a large body of criticism.

Tenreiro, the son of a Portuguese administrator and an Angolan woman,…… Francisco Manuel de Melo Francisco Manuel de Melo, Portuguese soldier, diplomat, and courtier who won fame as a poet, moralist, historian, and literary critic in both the Spanish and Portuguese languages.

The first part of the book is devoted to a discussion of literary theory.

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It applies, as a term, to any argumentation about literature, whether or not specific works are analyzed. I also served for several years as chair of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures.

Blindness and Insight pioneered an approach to reading the language used in critical writing itself, suggesting that critical texts are paradoxically most blind concerning the topics about which they aim to be most insightful.

De Man developed this approach in Allegories of Reading into a wider understanding of how language works in general and of how texts continually create and undo the meanings they posit, especially in the second half of the book, which is a reading of several exemplary works by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

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I had come to Nietzsche primarily because of the importance of rhetoric in his practice of philosophy; but now I wanted to see how these explorations fit into Nietzsche studies in general, a field notable for productive interactions between philosophers and literary critics.

Himself a classical ironist, he nevertheless exposes here some of the extravagances of the ironic principle as flourished by the systematic Prometheans.

He is most commonly associated with the so-called Yale School of criticism, which included his colleagues J.

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Hardwick was one of 11 children. Lawrence, English author of novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, and letters. Read More Hateful Contraries: Files Download Full Text 3.Comparative Critical Studies seeks to advance methodological (self)reflection on the nature of comparative literature as a discipline.

Drawing on the prose, poetry, and criticism of a broad range of Russian writers and critics, including Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bakhtin, Gorky, Nabokov, and Solzhenitsyn, Close Encounters: Essays on Russian Literature explores themes of chance and fate, freedom and responsibility, beauty and disfiguration, and loss and separation, as well as concepts of criticism and.

Description. Gale Artemis Literary Sources integrates Gale Literature Resource Center, Literature Criticism Online, Dictionary of Literary Biography, and literature books from Gale Virtual Reference Library, such as Twayne's Author Series and Scribner's Writers Online Series, into a.

These ten essays, written over a period from toare bound together by their common concern with questions of the meaning of criticism and the larger meaning of literature itself. These difficult questions W.K. Wimsatt treats with characteristic wit and penetration, ranging easily from a broad consideration of principles to incisive comment on individual writers and works.

Middletown Thrall Library Literature Explorer [ Browse Authors] Definition provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Comparative Literature Department. Wikipedia: Comparative Literature criticism, essays, etc.) Google has scanned from libraries.

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Roman History and Culture, Latin Literature, Culture, History, Poetry and Poetics Sarah Culpepper Stroup. “Without Patronage: Fetishization, Representation, and the Circulation of Gift-Texts in the Late Roman Republic.”.

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