An analysis of the book the mosquito coast by paul theroux

There, Fox crawls into the brush, attempting to return to the jungle, and dies. Allie has lost faith in the institutions—law and especially religion—that should protect men from the savagery in themselves and in one another.

Just as Polski tried to warn Charlie about his dad "Your father's the most obnoxious man I've ever met," Polski said. Audiences were not sold on Ford playing something of a bad guy in a family tragedy and The Mosquito Coast was a commercial failure.

Fox is a mass of contradictions, disdaining religion and American pop culture but refusing to buy foreign products. This period showed many leaps in technological advancement, which Allie refused to be a part of. This excellent story, is an impressively serious act of imagination.

A trip to a hardware store in Northampton is enough to push him past the boiling point. The Mosquito Coast pushes its chips onto the table to tell an adventure story with ideas just as big as the trek the characters undertake.

They arrange to borrow the Spellgoods' jeep and escape back to the coast after learning that America has not been destroyed. Reception[ edit ] Thomas R Edwards in The New York Times praises the book, concluding "It is, characteristically, a fine entertainment, a gripping adventure story, a remarkable comic portrait of minds and cultures at cross-purposes Theroux appeals to that pioneer in us who suspects something is rotten in America and fantasizes about getting out of here, to take on virgin nature with our ingenuity and live free.

While he certainly evokes sympathy from the beginning he is, after all, a child whose bully of a father never lets him go to school, watch television, or eat junk foodthe feeling is not sustained. Fox is determined that the ice will establish his reputation as a miracle-worker in nearby villages.

Father gives his working model to the migrant workers who live on the farm and who the inventor refers to with both admiration and derision as "the savages.

For Allie, Christ is only a scarecrow—a hollow man stuffed with straw. Allie Foxx highly opposed the style of life which had developed in the United States. His daughter Emily flirts with Charlie.

The natives remain dubious about the contraption, noting that water is readily available during the rainy season and can be fetched from the river with a bucket any time.

He enjoys bettering his brother, and cutting him down. He instead chose to live a simple, sheltered life. Here, things were different.

He tricks them and locks them in 'Fat Boy' intending to freeze them to death, but their gunfire causes an explosion which kills the three gunmen, destroys Jeronimo and pollutes the river. Though Charlie recognizes what it is, Father keeps everyone else in suspense until a full scale version of Fat Boy delivers ice to the jungle.

It was not going to be an ordinary war, he said, but rather a war in which no side was entirely innocent. But these leftover ruins only made Jeronimo seem wilder this wet afternoon.

The Mosquito Coast Summary & Study Guide

There was something stubborn about jungle trees, the way they crowded each other and gave us no shade. Allie finds this intrusion unacceptable. We would not have taken it for a town. Polski refers to Fat Boy as a "contraption" and seeing no application for it on his farm, is largely unimpressed.

Jeronimo reminded me of one time when we were in Massachusetts, and fishing. Polski makes fun of the invention. Jerry is the ten year old younger brother of Charley. It was not an easy life these first weeks in Jeronimo.

The family manages to drag Allie to the jeep with and make it to the coast, where Allie dies.Mar 12,  · Bertens, Hans.


“The Convention of the New Beginning in Theroux’s The Mosquito Coast.” In Convention and Innovation in Literature, edited by. American Dreams: ‘The Mosquito Coast’ by Paul Theroux An unhappy American heads for the jungle to create a mad utopian civilization in Paul Theroux’s novel, The Mosquito Coast.

THE MOSQUITO COAST is a marvelous novel by Paul Theroux. Brilliant writing and great characters. Highly recommended/5().

Paul Theroux’s The Mosquito Coast: Summary & Analysis

The Mosquito Coast - Kindle edition by Paul Theroux. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Mosquito Coast/5().

Mar 12,  · The Mosquito Coast Analysis Paul Theroux. Homework Help. The Mosquito Coast (Literary Masterpieces, Volume 13) print Print; document PDF. In the book The Mosquito Coast, what is the.

THE MOSQUITO COAST. By. is soon on a banana-boat out of Baltimore, heading south. All this, of course, is the stuff of boys'-book adventure or Swiss Family Robinson; and the gut excitement of traveling-light-to-nowhere (also recalling Theroux's train-trip books) propels the novel's first half along fiercely--even though the expedition is.

An analysis of the book the mosquito coast by paul theroux
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